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Flash Reprint: Jon Sindell's "Dhoti"

Flash fiction reprint from Jon Sindell: “Dad’s eightieth birthday was a costume party. I was Maria Von Trap…” (continue reading)

Flash Reprint: Anne Weisgerber's "Upfurler"

Flash Fiction Reprint from Anne Weisgerber: “Nobody understood this could be a thing, until they saw jumpers at a certain height, five hundred eleven feet, tumble upward.” (continue reading)

Flash Reprint: Jeanne Althouse's "Uncle Seth"

Flash Fiction Reprint from Jeanne Althouse: “‘Uncle Seth’ was inspired by an old family letter.” (continue reading)

Flash Reprint: Douglas W. Milliken's "Skidder & Draw"

Flash Fiction Reprint from Douglas W. Milliken: “That makes it non-fiction, right?:” (continue reading)

Flash Reprint: Hillary Leftwich's "Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition"

Flash Fiction Reprint from Hillary Leftwich’s “Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition”“ (continue reading)

Flash Focus: Cycle of Living in "Some Cool Heaven"

The format of the story itself is cyclical, a format that lends itself to the message of the flash and speaks to Smith-Stevens’ masterful craft. (continue reading)

Flash Reprint: Kristina Marie Darling's "North"

Flash Fiction Reprint from Kristina Marie Darling’s “North”: “A girl drove into a blizzard at sunset.” (continue reading)

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