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ONE WORD STORIES from Richard Kostelanetz (1 of 12)

      Indi­vid­ual entries on Richard Koste­lan­etz’s work in sev­er­al fields appear in var­i­ous edi­tions of Read­ers Guide to Twen­ti­eth-Cen­tu­ry Writ­ers, Mer­ri­am-Web­ster Ency­clo­pe­dia of Lit­er­a­ture, Con­tem­po­rary Poets, Con­tem­po­rary Nov­el­ists, Post­mod­ern Fic­tion, Webster’s Dic­tio­nary of Amer­i­can Writ­ers, The Harper­Collins Reader’s Ency­clo­pe­dia of Amer­i­can Lit­er­a­ture, Baker’s Bio­graph­i­cal Dic­tio­nary of Musi­cians, Direc­to­ry of Amer­i­can Schol­ars, Who’s Who […]



In a booth, with his back to the door, a clown is eat­ing a bowl of phở. He is between birth­day par­ties and hasn’t both­ered to remove his white make­up or round red nose. An over­sized red hat is on the seat next to him. As he leaves the restau­rant, swing­ing the hat back onto his […]


Wild Life: Collected Works from 2003–2018, Kathy Fish

About the author Kathy Fish teach­es for the Mile High MFA at Reg­is Uni­ver­si­ty in Den­ver, Col­orado. She has pub­lished four col­lec­tions of short fic­tion: a chap­book in the Rose Met­al Press col­lec­tive, A Pecu­liar Feel­ing of Rest­less­ness: Four Chap­books of Short Short Fic­tion by Four Women (2008); Wild Life (Mat­ter Press, 2011); Togeth­er We […]


Journal of Compressed Arts Offering Paid Position as a “Final” Reader

Mat­ter Press for Com­pressed Cre­ative Arts is look­ing for a per­son to make some final deci­sions regard­ing a num­ber of poet­ry, CNF, and fic­tion sub­mis­sions dur­ing the two three month open read­ing peri­ods for its Jour­nal of Com­pressed Cre­ative Arts. You’d be paid a whop­ping $250 per read­ing peri­od. Inter­est­ed? Send a let­ter of inter­est […]


America Revisited

Ginsberg’s “Amer­i­ca” from 1956, updat­ed.


Transcript from President Trump’s Rorschach Test Released

Ran­dall Brown Mr. Pres­i­dent, dur­ing the test you will be shown a series of inkblot images. Look at each inkblot for a moment and then tell me what you per­ceive. [Shows the pres­i­dent first image.] What I don’t see is col­lu­sion. Every­one says that. There is no col­lu­sion. Look­ing, look­ing, and there’s no col­lu­sion between Trump and […]