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Flash Reprint: Ryan Griffith's "Thrill of Fire"

In mid-air the stereo continues to thump like a heart-beat… (continue reading)

Flash Reprint: Virginia Petrucci's "We Want to be Remembered"

…my lungs still recovering, and my heart all in high pitched howls…. (continue reading)

Flash Reprint: Erik Wennermark's GILBERT GLAVEL

He was a playboy poet fop. (continue reading)

Flash Reprint: Christine Stocke's IN A FOREIGN TOWN

In a foreign town it’s difficult for a stranger to know you’re just tired, not crazy. (continue reading)

Flash Reprint: Bryce Emley's TRANSFORMED

…so one morning he started mixing her into his day… (continue reading)

Flash Reprint: Monica Hileman's "Retirement"

The sound of the ocean drew him onto the balcony. (continue reading)

Flash Fiction Reprint: Tania Hershman's "And Bruised"

A flash fiction reprint: Tania Hershman’s “And Bruised.” (continue reading)

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Coming Up:
Written by Matter Press's founder and managing editor Randall Brown, A Pocket Guide to Flash Fiction [ISBN: 0983792852} provides NOT the way to write flash fiction, but SOME ways to make your writing flash! Contents include the following:

  • What is Flash
  • Flash Craft
  • Flash in a Single Scene
  • Flash in a Series of Scenes
  • Monomythic Flash
  • Episodic Flash
  • Counterpointed Flash
  • Defamiliarized Flash
  • Revision
  • Prose Poemy Flash

 The Pocket Guide also includes articles and flashes from various writers including Pamela Painter, Quinn Dalton, Dan Holt, Pen Campbell, Brady Udall, Sean Lovelace, Myfanwy Collins, Kathy Fish, Carol Guess, and Jeff Landon.

Available and shipping now, for $10 + shipping, with all proceeds going to continue to fund Matter Press and its Journal of Compressed Creative Arts.