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Flash Reprint: Jay Merill's "Trev"

Flash Reprint: Mary Lynn Reed's "Every Week"

I notice the silence, heavy and tasting metallic. Every week as he turns the sputtering engine off and steps into the gravel. (continue reading)

Flash Reprint: Katie Cortese's "Swallowed"

I didn’t really know the girl, so I’m not as sad as I should be. And anyway, time makes things blurry. (continue reading)

Flash Reprint: Christopher DeWan's "Hoopty Time Machine"

Dad is outside working on a hoopty car in the driveway, always working on it. (continue reading)

Flash Reprint: Paul Weidknecht's "Apart"

“He had considered them his lads, but now that their brigantine was a blot against the sunset, he sat alone on the sand bar wishing them due course into some distant hurricane or navy frigate.” (continue reading)

Flash Reprint: Ryan Griffith's "Thrill of Fire"

In mid-air the stereo continues to thump like a heart-beat… (continue reading)

Flash Reprint: Virginia Petrucci's "We Want to be Remembered"

…my lungs still recovering, and my heart all in high pitched howls…. (continue reading)

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Written by Matter Press's founder and managing editor Randall Brown, A Pocket Guide to Flash Fiction [ISBN: 0983792852} provides NOT the way to write flash fiction, but SOME ways to make your writing flash! Contents include the following:

  • What is Flash
  • Flash Craft
  • Flash in a Single Scene
  • Flash in a Series of Scenes
  • Monomythic Flash
  • Episodic Flash
  • Counterpointed Flash
  • Defamiliarized Flash
  • Revision
  • Prose Poemy Flash

 The Pocket Guide also includes articles and flashes from various writers including Pamela Painter, Quinn Dalton, Dan Holt, Pen Campbell, Brady Udall, Sean Lovelace, Myfanwy Collins, Kathy Fish, Carol Guess, and Jeff Landon.

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