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Saturday Flash Interview: FlashFiction.Net talks with Ubiquitous Flash Writer

Flash has been around, well, since a caveman or cavewoman found that only a tiny corner of cave wall remained for his or her story. Maybe our first flash writer realized just sticking it all in that tiny space wouldn't work; it would just create a big mess. Instead of inventing the wheel or solving cave-warming, cave flash writer thought about the demands of brevity and compression, about a drawing that would end almost as it began. That's one smart caveperson, fer sure.

Well, flash isn't something you need to hide away in a cave to do these days. It's freakin' everywhere. So today FlashFiction.Net interviews Ubiquitous Flash Writer to see what kind of insights he/she/it might be hiding. (Click on the clips after the questions for the answers. Woo-hoo!)

FlashFiction.Net: How do you discover flash? It's been something we'd been doing in secret for awhile, at first just messing around.

FlashFiction.Net: Flash seems to require a poetic sense of language. Can you give an example of charged, original poetics in flash?

FlashFiction.Net: Can you provide an example of when something seemingly poetic is actually the same-old-thing, something flash writers tend to want to avoid?

FlashFiction.Net: What kind of story you are working on now? Give us, if you'd be so kind, the micro-version of the plot.

FlashFiction.Net: What is your ultimate dream for yourself as Flash Fiction Writer? Where would you like to be a year from now?

FlashFiction.Net: What is the worldview behind your flash fiction? What "emptiness" do you believe we/the world possesses, an emptiness flash (even though it's a tiny tiny thing) might fill?

FlashFiction.Net: Sorry for keeping you past lunchtime. What are you going to do for the remainder of the day?

Well, that's it from Ubiquitous Flash Writer. He's a sound bite waiting to happen, or perhaps one that already has. I have no idea what that means.

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