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Micro Fiction: Fifty Words, Five Times

My Baby, Good­bye

On their first date, she asked, “If I were in a coma, how long would you wait?”

She sleeps now like poi­soned princesses–and he’s awake with the mem­ory of that answer.

Until I can’t any­more,” he’d said. 

Today, he whis­pers, “Wake up” in all that’s left of his voice. 

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Or Not

Each morn­ing, school announced, ‘Have a nice day. Or not. It’s your choice.” As if the pres­sure to have a nice day was too great. As if everything–grades, scores, get­ting called freak, thrown against lockers–resided in us. Our choice. Like being born and mem­o­riz­ing the capi­tol of Por­tu­gal.

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It took three game sys­tems, a 60-inch HDTV, junk food, and sur­round sound to get their son to be unafraid of the base­ment.

They snuck upstairs. She said, “You know what would be funny? Go down there like mon­sters.”

I’ll find the ski masks,” he said.

I’ll get the knives.”

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When he found the Kid­die City receipt on Christ­mas Eve, he danced around the tree as if Melissa Appleby had found him under the mistle­toe. He shouted, “Hal­lelu­jah.” He now liked eggnog.

For the past ten years, he’d been liv­ing under the illu­sion that his par­ents had given him noth­ing.

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Sheila Says

Sheila writes every­thing on her arms. 6:00 din­ner Carol. New Depp film. World was flat once. While she sleeps, I write Marry Alex, but in the morn­ing she scrubs it away along with Plath a fraud & Ten­nis 2:30. For her birth­day, I’ll buy per­ma­nent mark­ers. She’ll buy Brillo pads. 

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From Greg

SCARY is hilar­i­ous. I love the image.

Thanks, Greg, That one kind of freaks my son out.

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