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Flash Fiction @ Flash Fiction Chronicles: Six Things Your Flash Desires

Today, I’m a proud guest of Gay Degani and Flash Fic­tion Chron­i­cles as I put FLASH FICTION under the harsh glare of the inter­ro­ga­tion lamp and fig­ure out what FLASH FICTION desires. Here’s an excerpt:

So, yes, flash texts yearn, and I won­der, per­haps too much, what they desire and from whom they want it. What does the flash text crave from its char­ac­ters, its read­ers, its writ­ers? These text whis­per­ers, the ones who hear things in my texts, would have me believe that the flash text wants to be some­thing other than it is. I doubt it. I’m cer­tain of the flash’s desire to be what it is, but what other yearn­ings burn inside that flash? 

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