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Sunday Micro Fiction: Fifty Words, Five Prompted

This Sun­day micro fic­tion comes from Zoetrope Vir­tual Studio’s Flash Fac­tory and five prompt words pro­vided by Richard Osgood: Arbor, Con­spic­u­ous, Banjo, Indigo, Des­tiny.

On Arbor Day

Ran­dall Brown

Mom danced us among birches, the twigs hands, trunks sway­ing like mid­dle school cou­ples to Kiss’s Beth. I heard ban­joes; my sis­ter, Mor­rison. She’d learned col­ors from Cray­ola, called sky cerulean indigo. My mom named our dance Con­spic­u­ous Des­tiny. It meant we were doomed, like leaves, to twirl like crazy. 


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