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Sunday Micro Fiction: Fifty Words from Five

Zoetrope Vir­tual Stu­dio has a writ­ing room called The Flash Fac­tory, and each Sun­day its host Richard Osgood posts five prompt words to be turned into a fifty-word piece of micro fic­tion. This Sun­day, he pro­vided these five words:


To my mom, they are bub­ble-head dolls. Squeeze sings “Pulling Mus­cles from Michelle.” Golfers shoot out of bunkers using a “sand-wich,” and Cae­sar said, “Etude, Brute.” At rehab, I greet her with “Cello.” She says, “It’s so-lubri­ous here.” Salu­bri­ous, I want to tell her, but resist. Noth­ing can stop her.

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