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Friday Flash Prompt: And It Shall End with Guacamole

Word Limit: 500 Words

Title: Must be “Back in the Argu­ment”

Must use these five words: aber­rant, bun­ga­low, empress, gal­li­vant, hal­cyon

Must end with this word: gua­camole.

Have at it.

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Thanks! That would be awe­some! I’ve been writ­ing sto­ries for a cou­ple years but I have no idea how to go about send­ing them out or where to send them. Any resources you could give me would be greatly appre­ci­ated! Oh, and I’m not sure how to delete my com­ment either. 

From Randall Brown

Duotrope.com is a great way to begin. Choose “flash fic­tion” as the length. I also choose “lit­er­ary” as the style for my own writ­ing.

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