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Sunday Hint Fiction: Tell A Story in 25 Words

Robert Swart­wood coined the term hint fic­tion: a story of 25 words or fewer that sug­gests a larger, more com­plex story. Sched­uled for this Novem­ber, W. W. Nor­ton & Com­pany will pub­lish Hint Fic­tion: An Anthol­ogy of Sto­ries in 25 Words or Fewer. Here are some exam­ples that clock in at exactly 25 words. So why not spend your Sun­day writ­ing some hint fic­tion!

Or Even Longer
Together they throw the dirt, lis­ten to its plunk against wood, a sound so unlike any­thing else in the world, one you could remem­ber forever.

Noth­ing Hurts Any­more

Seth’s energy paths are blocked to his spleen and stom­ach and large intestine. The acupunc­tur­ist places the needles in his tiny body. Seth sees Jesus.

The Test In Front Of Him

It’s that noth­ing stands out, each detail equal. What to focus upon? Moths in the class­room screen. Leaf-blow­ers. His teacher’s smile fly­ing like birds, south.

My Son’s Fifth Grade Jour­nal
This boy catches balls, divides frac­tions, won’t die if he drinks milk, grabs flags off the other team’s play­ers. My dad loves this other boy.

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From Kelly

Tried a few hint pieces. Tough but enjoy­able, a lot like mak­ing a log­line, but I like the hint­ing aspect. If a hint was the first line in a book, I’d be intrigued.

I, too, like the way that hint fic­tion relies on impli­ca­tion, Kelly. It’s kind of fun to imply some­thing rather than explain it. I prefer it, actu­ally.

From Lorenzo

The end.…..

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