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Sunday Micro Fiction: Crisp Virgin

As he does every Sun­day in the Flash Fac­to­ry room at Zoetrope Vir­tu­al Stu­dio, Richard Osgood this Sun­day pro­vid­ed five words to be used in the cre­ation of a piece of micro fic­tion. The five words?

  1. vir­gin
  2. crisp
  3. dou­ble
  4. rene­gade
  5. bliss

And an exam­ple of micro fic­tion cre­at­ed from these five words?

One Can Only Imag­ine What He Was Think­ing

Her son gig­gled when she ordered the vir­gin daiquiri, then he ordered Rene­gade Bliss, “a dou­ble.” As they watched her hus­band and daugh­ter ride hors­es into the spray, he asked if they were oxy­morons, like But­ter Crisp. The drinks? She imag­ined some­thing else: fam­i­ly vaca­tions, tri­al sep­a­ra­tions, and vir­gin drinks when every­thing else was fucked.

One comment

From margaret a robinson

Fun. But “gig­gled” threw me off. Sound­ed like a 4-year-old. Maybe “chuck­led” or good old “laughed” instead? I’ll see you tonight at the Felli­ni din­ner. We’ll talk. Maybe gig­gle a bit.

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