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Journal of Compressed Arts Offering Paid Position as a “Final” Reader

Mat­ter Press for Com­pressed Cre­ative Arts is look­ing for a per­son to make some final deci­sions regard­ing a num­ber of poet­ry, CNF, and fic­tion sub­mis­sions dur­ing the two three month open read­ing peri­ods for its Jour­nal of Com­pressed Cre­ative Arts. You’d be paid a whop­ping $250 per read­ing peri­od. Inter­est­ed? Send a let­ter of inter­est and rel­e­vant bio to matterpress@comcast.net. Ques­tions? Send those, too.


Specif­i­cal­ly, you’d be sent work that has gone through a first round and needs a final “yes” or “no.” Some work will be giv­en a “yes” before you receive it, so you won’t be decid­ing ALL the work that will be pub­lished, and you of course will not have to read all the sub­mis­sions, just a very small por­tion of them. The per­son does need to feel expe­ri­enced and com­fort­able with mak­ing such deci­sions on work that is com­pressed and from a wide vari­ety of gen­res: poet­ry, prose poet­ry, flash fic­tion, and cre­ative non­fic­tion.


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