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Snappy Answer #1

As part of an ongo­ing series, we present some old Mad Mag­a­zine Snap­py Answers to Stu­pid Ques­tions. In the orig­i­nal, the last bub­ble was left blank, but for your enjoy­ment, we filled it in with our take. Enjoy.


From Marge Simon

How FUN, Ran­dall Brown!
Mine would be: “No, they’re for my twig col­lec­tion, which one day will be price­less!

Putting a polit­i­cal spin on it — “Trump has robbed the Nation­al Park bud­get for his Wall. Wants to sell the lands to indus­try. Ain’t gonna be much left.”

From Sharon Woolwine

No. What­ev­er gave you that idea?

No, a log cab­in for my Igua­na.

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