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2011 OED New Word Flash Prompt

The OED adds an average of 4,000 words every year. FlashFiction.net has whittled the list down to about ten prompt-friendly selections. (continue reading)

Friday Prompt: These Titles Will Get You Flashing

So, choose one, two, or all three titles below and have at it. (continue reading)

Friday Flash Prompt: New for 2011

New words for a new flash! (continue reading)

Friday Flash Prompt: What's In a Name?

A flash fiction prompt centered around names. (continue reading)

Flash Prompt: These First Lines Suggest Both Voice & Story

Townsend Walker provides three first line prompts for writing flash fiction. (continue reading)

Flash Prompt: The Strange and Grating Storytelling Technique

A flash fiction prompt from a quote from Bruce Holland Rogers (continue reading)

Friday Prompt: Make This Photo & These Five Words Flash

Silver Surfer + Five Random Words = Flash Fiction Glory (continue reading)

Friday Prompt: Get Inspired by Frost's "The Road Not Taken"

A prompt for a flash inspired by Frost’s “The Road Not Taken.” (continue reading)

MAR Announces Competition for Prose Poems, Short Shorts, and Anything In Between

Official news of an upcoming contest, The 2011 MAR Fineline Competition for Prose Poems, Short Shorts, and Anything In Between. Winner receives $1000. (continue reading)

Flash Prompt: Tricks of the Trade

Use any or all of the following poetical/rhetorical methods to write the same 50-100 word story. (continue reading)

Friday Flash Prompt: Face Your Inner Child

Writer Garret Gaudens challenges you to shape your inner child. (continue reading)

Friday Flash Prompt: Make a Discovery

Something is waiting to be opened. (continue reading)

Friday Flash Prompt: Be Bad

Making morally bad decisions can feel good. Write about it. (continue reading)

Friday Flash Prompt: Talk to the Dead

Jordan Blum wants you to talk to the dead. (continue reading)

Flash Prompt: Be a Beatnik

A prompt for the beatnik in all of us (continue reading)

Flash Prompt: Sing songy

Kates urges you to let that song stuck in your head take over. (continue reading)

Friday Flash Prompt: Ekphrastic-tastic

Alina Ladyzhensky’s Friday Flash Prompt grabs your attention. (continue reading)

Friday Flash Prompt: Get to Work

Office space for Friday Flash Prompt. (continue reading)

Friday Flash Prompt: It's Seasonal

A Thanksgiving table flash fiction writing prompt. (continue reading)

Friday Flash Prompt: They're Out There!

A “paranoid” prompt for flash fiction. (continue reading)

Friday Flash Prompt: Time Keeps on Ticking, Ticking....

A writing prompt for a flash that ticks. (continue reading)

Friday Flash Prompt from Carol Guess: A Brief History Of Broken Windows

A flash prompt from Carol Guess: contain all this bustling history in a 100-word flash! (continue reading)

Friday Writing Prompt: Get All Ekphrasis-y about the Trojan War

A flash fiction prompt that derives from Cy Twombly’s Philadelphia Art Museum installation, FIFTY DAYS AT ILLIAM. (continue reading)

Wednesday Flash: Embrace Ekphrasis with Dorothea Tanning's "Birthday"

Finding inspiration ekphrsasisly: getting inspired by Dorthea Tanning’s “Birthday.” (continue reading)

Friday Prompt: Feel Like a Fish in Water with a Project Runway Inspired Flash

A prompt for writing flash fiction that comes from a recent episode of Project Runway. (continue reading)

Friday's Flash Prompt: Transform Random Words Into Something Bursting With Meaning

A writing prompt for flash fiction using five random words. (continue reading)

Writing Prompt: Double Dare You to Fit These Words In a Flash

A writing prompt that demands some very fancy words to be used in your piece. (continue reading)

Friday Prompt: Dark Sky Magazine Flashes Some Light on FFNet

An interview about flash fiction and writing that appears in DARK SKY MAGAZINE, courtesy of Ethel Rohan. (continue reading)

Friday Flash Prompt: Get Inspired by Sexton

A creative writing prompt based on Anne Sexton’s “Moss of His Skin.” (continue reading)

Friday Flash Prompt: And It Shall End with Guacamole

A writing prompt for a flash piece that adheres to some very strict guidelines. (continue reading)

Friday Flash Prompt: Your Mission, Flashers, Should You Decide to Accept It

A writing mission for a flash piece that adheres to some very strict guidelines. (continue reading)

Friday Writing Prompt: You Must Do This!

A writing prompt for a flash piece that adheres to some very strict guidelines. (continue reading)

Friday Writing Prompt: Write Some Hint Fiction

Write what Robert Swartwood has defined as “hint fiction.” (continue reading)

Friday Flash Prompt: Rock Your Similes Like Siskel & Sexton

This Friday’s flash prompt challenges your ability to create similes as one eats chips or peanuts, one after another. (continue reading)

Friday Flash Prompt: What To Do About Adjectives and Adverbs?

A flash fiction writing prompt that has something to do with adverbs and adjectives. (continue reading)

Friday Flash Prompt: Titles in Search of Flashes

When I’m in need of inspiration, I often turn to poetry, especially some favorites: Robert Frost and Anne Sexton. (continue reading)

Friday Flash Prompt: Twist It Right from the Start

Friday’s Writing Prompt asks you to twist readers’ expectations right from the get-go. (continue reading)

Friday Writing Prompt: Show da Bomb, Be da Bomb

Hitchcock had a famous description of suspense that involved a ticking bomb. Today’s Friday Prompt asks you to take that idea right to the flash fiction bank. (continue reading)

Friday Flash Prompt: Let Mr. T Be Your Muse

Write a flash inspired by Mr. T’s fashion show. (continue reading)

Friday Flash Prompt: First Line Provides (Oddly Enough) a Year's Worth of Required First Lines

A look at THE FIRST LINE literary journal—and their “required” first lines. (continue reading)

Friday Flash Prompt: Getting Inspired by Footnotes

Friday Flash Prompt: Use Four Or More Elements

I’ve recently been reading Roy Peter Clark’s Writing Tools: 50 Essential Strategies for Every Writer. Tool 20 asks writers to “choose the number of elements with a purpose in mind.” (continue reading)

Friday Flash Prompt: Make a Present of Finding the Receipt

Friday Writing Prompt: Time To Take On The Most Difficult Flash Challenge In The Universe

You’ve been writing flash for awhile now. You’ve been focused on surprising readers/editors with the odd situation, the thing they’ve never seen before. Maybe you’ve even taken on the familiar story—the abused spouse, the guy-girl bar story, the terminally ill spouse/lover/parent/grandparent. Now it’s time for you to stretch those flash muscles for the Olympics of Flash Writing. Are you ready for this? You will write today about someone’s conversation with God! (continue reading)

Friday Flash Prompt: Write with a Hole in the Middle

I can’t say I’ve found a solution to this, but at least it is a concrete problem worth grappling with. With that in mind, my challenge to you is to write something Beautiful. Don’t worry if it makes any sense, follows the rules of narrative at all, write something pretty, haunting, evocative, not because of plot, but because of language. After that if you want, put it away awhile, so it isn’t so fresh. Then read it like someone else’s writing. Try to find the hole in the center, and then carefully prune back the unnecessary so the hole stands out, so the unsaid becomes apparent, even becomes stark. (continue reading)

Friday Flash Writing Prompt: Write Some Noir

So here’s Friday’s Flash Writing Prompt. Write in the style of noir. Make your character doomed by the very actions he/she thought would save him/her. It is Fate your character is up against, a world with an evil intent, to choose certain characters for doom, and yet that doom resides in their own characters, not in the world itself. It’s a tricky thing. Try to have someone at some point call someone “Doll.” I love that. (continue reading)

Friday Flash Writing Prompt: The Unlikeable Suspects

Randall had a flash prompt talking about the movie The Usual Suspects and how the villain creates an entire story using what he sees on a board in a police headquarters. It was a neat trick and a cool ending, telling us a lot about who Keyser Söze is. And what Keyser Söze is, essentially, is a prick. (continue reading)

Friday Flash Prompt: Joists, Desire, and The Writer's Sentence

Friday Flash Prompt: Pessimistic Scenarios

Well, it happened. I came across something in The New Yorker I love. It came from an advertisement from Lincoln Financial Group (continue reading)

Friday Flash Prompt: What To Make of a Diminished Thing

So that’s your Friday prompt. Take something from Frost’s “The Oven Bird,” and make it central to your flash. So many things to choose from, yes? (continue reading)

Friday Writing Prompt: The Usual Suspects

I’m thinking here of Keyser Söze from The Usual Suspects and that creation of story from a bulletin board. Here’s that script. (continue reading)

Friday Flash Prompt: Story Starters & Master Plots

Some story starters and master plots (reworked). (continue reading)

Friday Flash Prompt: William Carlos Williams and the Willow

Write of fall, of all the possibilities that exist within it. Use five words from “Willow Poem.” Try to remain “oblivious to winter.” (continue reading)

Friday Flash Prompt: Ramble, Then Write

Unlike the hard-earned lasting epiphanies in stories, in life most (at least for me) are tiny and fleeting. They often come to me at the daily rest stops, sometimes in the shower, often at the tops of staircases. As an exercise, I decided to write some of these thoughts down for a day. (continue reading)

Friday Flash Prompt: Bob Dylan Inspires Some (Very) Short Fiction

Bob Dylan stops by FlashFiction.Net for some inspirational photo prompts. If you’d like, try to use the associated words in the writing of your short short. Just be sure to remember that, here, a picture is worth a thousand words or less. Not a single word more. (continue reading)

Friday Flash Prompt: Reveal to Readers the Creator's Mind

For Friday’s Writing Prompt, try to find a way to give readers access to your mind and/or thinking, and have that element of the piece (this glimpse into the mind of the piece’s creator) be an essential part of the piece’s workings. (continue reading)

Friday Flash Prompt: Take On A Subject You've Been Avoiding Writing About

Think long and hard about why you avoid this subject. Then write about that subject, so that your search is the character’s search, both of you searching for the same answer. Make sure you don’t know the exact reasons for your avoidance. See what you and your character discover together. (continue reading)

Friday Flash Prompt: Giving You a Hand with Image Patterns in Writing (Short) Short Fiction

As a follow-up to Thursday’s craft discussion on image patterns, here’s a suggestion I received from my MFA advisor at Vermont College, Abby Frucht. Create a list of words unique to a specific field—such as words from cooking—and then use these throughout a piece (subtly of course) in a way that both complements and creates meaning(s). Music, medicine, art, horses, and on and on. Pick your field and begin the planting. (continue reading)

Friday Flash Prompt: Mending a Short Short with Robert Frost

Friday Prompt: The Moss of His Skin

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