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Four Must-Read Steps For Revising Your Flash Fiction

You’ve writ­ten some flash, and now, before it’s com­plete, you must revise in order to get the piece to be the best that it can be, whether you’re look­ing to sub­mit it for pub­li­ca­tion, or sim­ply share it with friends and col­leagues.


Flash Guest Thomas Jay Rush: Bend the Light

A mem­ber of the edi­to­r­i­al staff for Mat­ter Press’s Jour­nal of Com­pressed Cre­ative Arts dis­cuss­es what he’s look­ing for in a sub­mis­sion.


Flash Craft: David Aichenbaum on Physical Fiction

My plan was to write a sort of struc­tured mini-essay, care­ful­ly laid out. But I chanced upon a few mat­ter-full para­graphs writ­ten by Flan­nery O’Connor


David Aichenbaum Decompresses Himself and Endings

The best flash fic­tion I ever wrote–at least it con­tained some of my best stuff–there’s about a mil­lion drafts of it in this draw­er here, I couldn’t fin­ish it. I found that I was fak­ing things all the time, dodg­ing issues and let­ting my char­ac­ters dodge them.