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Flash Reprint: Jeff Friedman’s “Judges”

After the guest ate all the pota­toes and the whole brisket, after he ate the tzimmes, the roast­ed beets and the fruit cock­tail, he called for Eli­jah to enter the door…


Flash Reprint: Douglas W. Milliken’s “Pillars”

Inspired by a qui­et hotel night on the eve of my grandmother’s funer­al, the orig­i­nal draft of “Pil­lars” was writ­ten a few weeks lat­er on my first full day of a month-long res­i­den­cy at the I-Park Foun­da­tion in Con­necti­cut.


Flash Reprint: J. Bradley’s Waffles & Honey

Flash reprint of J. Bradley’s “Waf­fles & Hon­ey” from Stripped: A Col­lec­tion of Anony­mous Flash , Octo­ber 28, 2011.