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Just Released: Kathy Fish’s Flash Fiction Collection WILD LIFE

Now avail­able (Clicky!) for pur­chase is Mat­ter Press’s first title, Kathy Fish’s Wild Life, a col­lec­tion of “undo­mes­ti­cat­ed flash fic­tions.”

Keep this book on your bed­side table. Dog-ear it until all the pages are fold­ed. Read it in the bath, teach it, store it in your bag, recite it on street cor­ners. When peo­ple stop to ask you what you are doing, tell them that you are read­ing aloud from a col­lec­tion by the best flash fic­tion writer in Amer­i­ca.” ~ Amelia Gray, Author of AM/PM and Muse­um of The Weird 

Peo­ple often say the pur­pose of flash fic­tion is to shine a spot­light, to illu­mi­nate, to light up our lives, a flash of insight. This to me has always seemed a dull rea­son to do any­thing, much less write or read flash fic­tion. And I think Kathy Fish proves the point, here in this book. Who cares what she may teach us, in flash­es of blind­ing light or oth­er­wise, in these sto­ries so care­ful­ly built, so won­der­ful­ly turned of phrase. What Kathy does is expose us not to insight but to mys­tery. She puts us in the mid­dle of these worlds she’s made and says, Look what I’ve seen. And then when we do, when we come to these sto­ries’ ends, we shud­der with con­fu­sion and love.” ~ Joseph Young, Author of East­er Rab­bit and Name

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