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Saturday Interview: What I Love About Flash Fiction

Imag­ine that you asked me, “What draws you to the flash fic­tion form?” Imag­ine this is the answer.


From Cate

That last sen­tence absolute­ly sums it up for me — per­fect­ly said!

From Randall Brown

Thanks, Cate!

From Janma

So then these sto­ries are just like haiku in a way no?

From Randall Brown

That’s an inter­est­ing way of look­ing at them. So many flash fic­tion writ­ers are tak­ing on this com­pressed form in dif­fer­ent ways that it’s hard to gen­er­al­ize. Joseph Young, a flash writer from Bal­ti­more, has a col­lec­tion, EASTER RABBIT, that is very much like flash-haiku. 

From Gemma St. James

I love this! You stat­ed it per­fect­ly! Oh, and I was also a lone­ly kid who spent all her time read­ing! Thanks for shar­ing this!

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