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Friday Writing Prompt: Write Some Hint Fiction

Robert Swart­wood cre­ated the term hint fic­tion: a story of 25 words or fewer that sug­gests a larger, more com­plex story. He talks about it at Flash Fic­tion Chron­i­cles. And there’s more talk about it here.

That Wasn’t What She Said At All

I thought she’d said of the sky, “Azure.” So I said of the sun, “Lemon Spark.” 

That seals it.” She tossed the ring. “I’m sure.“ 

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From Michelle

I love this. I always love the idea of some­thing sim­ple with larger impli­ca­tions.

From Randall Brown

Thanks, Michelle. It’s a cool idea Robert’s come up with.

From Gay Degani

LOL! Love this bit. 

From Randall Brown

Thanks, Gay.

From JJ

LOL! Zinger, Ms Stu­art!

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