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Sunday Micro Fiction: An Omen or a Lark?

Once again, Richard Osgood at Zoetrope Vir­tu­al Stu­dio’s “The Flash Fac­to­ry” pro­vides the prompt words for a fifty-word micro fic­tion piece:


I’ve Still Got Some­thing It Wants

Ran­dall Brown

The wind wants to top­ple; the rain to drown; the snow to bury; the twister to turn my home into a whirly­gig. The nor’easter awaits, a boogey­man. A lark, such thoughts, Harold says. A symp­tom of dark­er things. Each time, when Nature decides not to bid me adieu: an omen.

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From RichO

Wow, very pow­er­ful, Ran­dall. I love how you use punc­tu­a­tion in the open­ing sen­tence to cre­ate an up-fun­nel effect where what begins with wind builds to twister. Won­der­ful con­struc­tion.

Hey, speak­ing of Harold: Remem­ber ‘Harold and the Pur­ple Cray­on’? One of my bestest favorite books as a child (me the child, not the book).

Great book! Thanks for the com­ments, Rich O!

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