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Friday Writing Prompt: Get All Ekphrasis-y about the Trojan War

This week's flash fiction writing prompt asks you to find inspiration in a panel of Cy Twombly's Philadelphia Art Museum installation, Fifty Days at Illiam. Below is an "excerpt" of one of the panels.


Your assignment is to create a flash fiction piece, less than 500 words, that in some way derives from the visual art above. There should be some allusion to the Trojan War. One of the characters should be named Helen. At some point, the goddess Athena should be invoked, but the action should be taking place in the "now" as opposed to the "then." If you want to use the word Trojan, that's fine, but it shouldn't be used in connection with condoms, unless of course you are Prince: "I guess I must be dumb 'cos you had a pocket full of horses / Trojan and some of them used."

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