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Friday Writing Prompt: Get All Ekphrasis-y about the Trojan War

This week’s flash fic­tion writ­ing prompt asks you to find inspi­ra­tion in a panel of Cy Twombly’s Philadel­phia Art Museum instal­la­tion, Fifty Days at Illiam. Below is an “excerpt” of one of the pan­els.


Your assign­ment is to cre­ate a flash fic­tion piece, less than 500 words, that in some way derives from the visual art above. There should be some allu­sion to the Tro­jan War. One of the char­ac­ters should be named Helen. At some point, the god­dess Athena should be invoked, but the action should be tak­ing place in the “now” as opposed to the “then.” If you want to use the word Tro­jan, that’s fine, but it shouldn’t be used in con­nec­tion with con­doms, unless of course you are Prince: “I guess I must be dumb ‘cos you had a pocket full of horses / Tro­jan and some of them used.”

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