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Paralipsis: The Best Rhetorical Device–Evah!

The best rhetor­i­cal device evah! par­alip­sis is a rhetor­i­cal device where­in the speak­er or writer invokes a sub­ject by deny­ing that it should be invoked. The device is typ­i­cal­ly used to dis­tance the speak­er from unfair claims, while still bring­ing them up.

For exam­ple, it allows you to have the fol­low­ing con­ver­sa­tion:

“I could men­tion, dear­est, how this is the fifth time I’ve had to pick up your tow­el, but I’m not going to.”

“But you just did.”

“No. I’m NOT going to men­tion it.”


“Not men­tion­ing it.”

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