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Flash Reprint: Mark Budman’s “Equilateral Triangle”

Flash Fic­tion Reprint from Mark Bud­man: “When the world’s sec­ond-best-look­ing woman want­ed to kiss him, he stepped back, pro­ject­ing indig­na­tion with the mas­tery of a B-movie actor.”


Flash Reprint: Sean Lovelace’s “Endings”

Flash fic­tion reprint from Sean Lovelace: “The man throws a stick into the water, and the woman, unaware, lobs a ten­nis ball.”


Flash Reprint: Lesley Weston’s “Tonsure”

Flash fic­tion reprint from Les­ley West­on: “This piece was one of my first endeav­ors. I was fear­less in those days.”