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Flash Reprint: Anne Weisgerber’s “Upfurler”

Flash Fic­tion Reprint from Anne Weis­ger­ber: “Nobody under­stood this could be a thing, until they saw jumpers at a cer­tain height, five hun­dred eleven feet, tum­ble upward.”


Flash Focus: Cycle of Living in “Some Cool Heaven”

The for­mat of the sto­ry itself is cycli­cal, a for­mat that lends itself to the mes­sage of the flash and speaks to Smith-Stevens’ mas­ter­ful craft.


Flash Reprint: Jeff Friedman’s “Family”

Flash Fic­tion Reprint of Jeff Friedman’s “Family”–“It’s the end of the world,” my father pro­claimed at the break­fast table, ris­ing in his bear-checked paja­mas.