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Robert Shapard: What is a story, what is a flash?

It’s impor­tant to note that all that’s need­ed to have a nar­ra­tive, or sto­ry, accord­ing to the nar­ra­tol­o­gists, is a sim­ple sequence of actions. 


Flash Craft: Rethinking Facts (Without Lying)

CNF can share craft ele­ments with its emi­nent­ly cool­er old­er sib­ling, like deep­er mean­ing and sym­bol­ism


Flash Review: Sudden Fiction Latino

A review of Sud­den Fic­tion Lati­no: edi­tors Robert Sha­pard, James Thomas, and Ray Gon­za­lez


Flash Prompt: Tricks of the Trade

Use any or all of the fol­low­ing poetical/rhetorical meth­ods to write the same 50–100 word sto­ry.


Flash Link: David Aichenbaum Discusses What’s the Matter in Fiction

A link to David Aichenbaum’s post at the blog of Mat­ter Press,a press focused on sup­port­ing emerg­ing and estab­lished authors work­ing with con­densed forms of fic­tion, cre­ative non-fic­tion, poet­ry, and visu­al arts.