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Flash Prompt: Sing songy

Kates urges you to let that song stuck in your head take over.


Flash Interview: Mary Hamilton

Megan Rogers inter­views flash fic­tion writer Mary Hamil­ton.


Sunday Micro Fiction: Nutmeg, Pledge, Blur, Effete, Syndetic

Richard Osgood at Zoetrope Vir­tu­al Studio’s pri­vate office The Flash Fac­to­ry once again pro­vides a Sun­day Micro Fic­tion Prompt, a 50-word piece using these words: nut­meg pledge blur effete syn­det­ic Syn­det­ic Ran­dall Brown The surgery ren­dered him effete (his word, not hers) and blurred his pledge. Kids, she read, were stoned on nut­meg, so maybe […]