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The Energy Within: An Interview with Carol Guess

An inter­view with Car­ol Guess: “I try hard to remind myself that my strug­gle is per­son­al, and that I’m pri­mar­i­ly com­pet­ing with myself.”


Flash Fiction Narrative Analysis: David Barringer’s “The More We Live Apart”

[Editor’s Note: We are grate­ful to Lee Martin’s arti­cle “Stu­art Dybek’s ‘Sun­day at the Zoo’: A Class in Nar­ra­tive Struc­ture,” an arti­cle that served as our own mod­el for the struc­ture of the nar­ra­tive analy­sis essay of short short fic­tion.]   Min­ing extra­or­di­nary flash fic­tion from the ordi­nary and mun­dane of life sounds con­tra­dic­to­ry, but […]


Flash Craft: Make Me a Name, Pat It and Shape It

Some­times it’s the small stuff that makes the sto­ry note­wor­thy. The small stuff? What we name our char­ac­ters, how we han­dle details with­in the sto­ry, and in what way we add tex­ture cou­pled with the afore­men­tioned big con­cepts is the stuff of good flash.


Flash Interview: Kathy Fish

Always try to bring some­thing new or unex­pect­ed to the sto­ry. That takes dig­ging. Be pre­pared to dig a lit­tle.