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Flash Craft: Five Tips For Sentence Variety and Structure

Whether it’s using rep­e­ti­tious sen­tences to uni­fy a piece, com­pressed sen­tences with­out excess words, or descrip­tive sen­tences that make the piece come alive, your par­tic­u­lar sen­tences are what make up each sto­ry.


Flash Interview: Tom DeMarchi

As with a nar­ra­tive of any length, arc & res­o­lu­tion should devel­op organ­i­cal­ly (or at least appear to devel­op organ­i­cal­ly) in ser­vice of the sto­ry


Flash Craft: Repairing Your Story’s Bone Structure after Facial Deficits

So you wrote a nar­ra­tive flash. So it’s lack­ing the tight body struc­ture and detail of that flash star you’ve always wor­shiped. How do you update it with a fresh look and stay in the cor­rect for­mat? Maybe you can con­sult the beau­ty of nar­ra­tive flash bone struc­ture from Joanne Mer­ri­am. Her sto­ry Facial Deficits […]


Reprint Wednesday: Joanne Merriam’s “Facial Deficits”

The first suc­cess­ful hand trans­plant recip­i­ent refused to take his immuno­sup­pres­sive drugs, his body reject­ed the hand, and it was ampu­tat­ed at his request. 


Flash Interview: Samantha Memi

In an online thread some­one had post­ed, “this thread has legs like a mil­li­pede.” So I fol­lowed that with, “or legs like Kate Moss.”